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 Co-Brand With Us

Underwriting Opportunities


     We are looking for two major underwriters for the show.  Our desired underwriter would fit into one of the following profiles:
1.               A large retailer who would benefit from the retailing the Perfect Meals Product line of Chef ware and kitchen tools and well as products place throughout the show available at their stores.  This retailer would have the ability to tie into local restaurateurs to do demonstrations on our product that would benefit that restaurant customers business as well as product sales.
2.              A credit card provider that would be able to partner with our Restaurant Rewards Credit Card program that pays cash back for dining and shopping at participating merchants.
3.              A large consumer/restaurant food manufacturer who could leverage the cross-platform of reaching end consumers and food service customers.
4.              An appliance manufacturer that could benefit for having their products used and featured on the show.
5.               A do-it-yourself store/product manufacturer, which many supplies kitchen components from cabinets, counter tops, major appliances.
6.               A kitchen featured retailer who would benefit from product place and expose to both a consumer and restaurant listener.
The show underwriter would provide funding, products, and or services as part of its underwriting fees.
Sponsorship Opportunities


     We are looking for sponsors for the show.  Our desired sponsors would fit into one of the following profiles:
1.      Airline Sponsor for onsite shooting and special guest appearances
2.      Hotel Sponsors for onsite shooting and special guest appearances.
3.      Transportations Sponsor for onsite shooting and special guest appearances.
4.      There is nominal charge for participating restaurants.  Restaurant supplier participation.
5.      Segment sponsor (expert advice, appetizer course, dessert course, pairing of wine)
6.      Weekly winners to dine at featured restaurant. Voting done on website.
(Round trip air, accommodations for two)
7.      Promotion for restaurant to give gift card to all registered site user
8.      Media Sponsor
9.      Local Restaurant Chef product demonstrations.
10.   Sponsorship of Studio/Cooking School/Gourmet Market.

Retail Opportunities


There is a retail opportunity for the following items:
1.      Perfect Meals Chef cookware or tools
2.      Perfect Meals Cookbook
3.      Perfect Meals Training Videos
4.      Perfect Meals Spice/Condiment offerings
5.      Internet product sales
6.      Branded condiment/sauce sales

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