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About the Show

Perfect Meals
Treatment for a Weekly One-Hour TV Show

Reg. Writers Guild of America #  (1113944)

(This show is currently in planning and preproduction)

     Each week, we will visit world-class chefs in their restaurant kitchen and watch them prepare one of the seven cuisine courses from appetizer to dessert. The show will start in the Studio kitchen for a little history on cuisine utensils, ingredients, preparation methods and a small touch of cuisine specific etiquette.  The show then moves to a company expert or representative that will demonstrate or explain something specific to the cuisine.  The show will end in the studio with mention of visiting the site for more show information, registering for free meals, and a wrap-up and credits.  In between, course-by-course, we visit a different chefs Top Pick restaurant.  We start with a pan of the exterior and brief introduction of the restaurant, we move to an interior show giving mini review of the setting and atmosphere and step into the chef’s kitchen preparing the course with step-by-step instruction.

    Convergence of medias and extension of the brand will occur with this merger of TV, Internet & Print.  In 2005 nearly 3.65 million users received million pages of restaurant related content at   The site is operating in its sixth year with an audience of over 10 million visitors since its inception.  Not only will the Internet site be used as a promotional tool for the show, but it will also act as an interactive tablet with show viewers recording their favorite recipes, restaurant reviews, and voting for their favorite chefs.   Each week viewers may register to win a meal for two given away at each featured restaurant. 

     To extend the show impact to realizable revenue at each restaurant, a limited number of specially prepared meals served by the executive chef will be offered for sale only on the website.  An additional promotional piece will wrap up the season with a unique cuisine-by-cuisine cookbook featuring all chef prepared recipes and recipes submitted by the studio audience.  All featured cooking utensils, ingredient, and spices will be available from our gourmet shop.

     The restaurant selection process will entail selecting the best restaurants picked by the users and staff of  We will be shooting the first 13 episodes covering the following cuisines (Chinese, French, German, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mediterranean, Mexican, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese) in the following key U.S. cities (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, DC, Miami, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco).

     With its segmented format, a crew will be able to schedule between 7-13 segment shoots per city we attend. Each shoot will take about 1-2 hours and be edited down to a 3-7 minute segment.  We intend to shoot the show utilizing 1080i high definition camcorder, the Sony Handycam HDR-FX1.  Shooting in HD is not only a cooking show standard, but will also enable us to stream the media, and sell segment downloads to other restaurant and household chefs.  It also allows us to use digital pictures for use in the cookbook.  A digital library of top chef’s giving step-by-step dish preparation instructions will create a unique instructional collection that will be marketed.


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"It's a cooking show, a travel show, a history show, a restaurant review show all in one!"
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